Let Go of Your Labels with Unsupervised Transfer Learning

Artyom Gadetsky, Yulun Jiang, Maria Brbic
To appear at ICML 2024

Cross-Domain Open-World Discovery

Shuo Wen, Maria Brbic
To appear at ICML 2024

Fine-Grained Labels and How to Find Them

Matej Grcic, Artyom Gadetsky, Maria Brbic
To appear at ICML 2024

Towards Universal Cell Embeddings: Integrating Single-cell RNA-seq Datasets across Species with SATURN

Yanay Rosen*, Maria Brbic*, Yusuf Roohani*, Kyle Swanson, Ziang, Li, Jure Leskovec
Nature Methods 2024

The Pursuit of Human Labeling: A New Perspective on Unsupervised Learning

Artyom Gadetsky, Maria Brbic
NeurIPS  spotlight 2023

Aging Fly Cell Atlas Identifies Exhaustive Aging Features at Cellular Resolution

Tzu-Chiao Lu*, Maria Brbic*, Ye-Jin Park, Tyler Jackson, Jiaye Chen, Sai Saroja Kolluru, Yanyan Qi, Nadja Sandra Katheder, Xiaoyu Tracy Cai, Seungjae Lee, YenChung Chen, Niccole Auld, Doug Welsch, Samuel D’Souza , Angela Oliveira Pisco , Robert C. Jones , Jure Leskovec, Eric C. Lai, Hugo J. Bellen, Liqun Luo, Heinrich Jasper, Stephen R. Quake, Hongjie Li
Science 2023

Organization of the human intestine at single-cell resolution

John W. HickeyWinston R. BeckerStephanie A. NevinsAaron HorningAlmudena Espin PerezRoxanne ChiuDerek C. ChenDaniel CotterEdward D. EsplinAnnika K. WeimerChiara CaraccioVishal VenkataraamanChristian M. SchürchSarah BlackMaria BrbićKaidi CaoJure LeskovecZhengyan ZhangShin LinTeri LongacreSylvia K. PlevitisYiing LinGarry P. NolanWilliam J. GreenleafMichael Snyder
Nature 2023

Annotation of Spatially Resolved Single-cell Data with STELLAR

Maria Brbic*, Kaidi Cao*, John W. Hickey*, Yuqi Tan, Michael Snyder, Garry P. Nolan, Jure Leskovec
Nature Methods 2022

Open-World Semi-Supervised Learning

Kaidi Cao*, Maria Brbic*, Jure Leskovec
ICLR 2022

Fly Cell Atlas: A Single-Cell Transcriptomic Atlas of the Adult Fruit Fly

Hongjie Li, Jasper Janssens, Maxime De Waegeneer, Sai Saroja Kolluru, Kristofer Davie, Vincent Gardeux, Wouter Saelens, Fabrice David, Maria Brbic, Katina Spanier, Jure Leskovec, Colleen N. McLaughlin, Qijing Xie, Robert C. Jones et al.
Science 2022

Chemoreceptor Co-Expression in Drosophila Olfactory Neurons

Darya Task, Chun-Chieh Lin, Alina Vulpe, Ali Afify, Sydney Ballou, Maria Brbic, Philipp Schlegel, Gregory S. X. E. Jefferis, Hongjie Li, Karen Menuz, Christopher J. Potter
eLife 2022

Concept Learners for Few-Shot Learning

Kaidi Cao*, Maria Brbic*, Jure Leskovec
ICLR 2021

Leveraging the Cell Ontology to Classify Unseen Cell Types

Sheng Wang, Angela Oliveira Pisco, Aaron McGeever, Maria Brbic, Marinka Zitnik, Spyros Darmanis, Jure Leskovec, Jim Karkanias, Russ B. Altman
Nature Communications 2021

Single-Cell Transcriptomes of Developing and Adult Olfactory Receptor Neurons in Drosophila

Colleen N. McLaughlin*, Maria Brbic*, Qijing Xie, Tongchao Li, Felix Horns, Sai Saroja Kolluru, Justus M. Kebschull, David Vacek, Anthony Xie, Jiefu Li, Robert Jones, Jure Leskovec, Stephen R. Quake, Liqun Luo, Hongjie Li
eLife 2021

Temporal evolution of Single-Cell Transcriptomes of Drosophila Olfactory Projection Neurons

Qijing Xie, Maria Brbic, Felix Horns, Sai Saroja Kolluru, Robert Jones, Jiefu Li, R. Reddy, Anay Xie, Sayeh Kohani, Zhuoran Li, Colleeen N. McLaughlin, Tongchao Li, Chuanyun Xu, David Vacek, David J. Luginbuhl, Jure Leskovec, Stephen R. Quake, Liqun Luo, Hongjie Li
eLife 2021

MARS: Discovering Novel Cell Types across Heterogeneous Single-Cell Experiments

Maria Brbic, Marinka Zitnik, Sheng Wang, Angela O. Pisco, Russ B. Altman, Spyros Darmanis, Jure Leskovec
Nature Methods 2020

Selective Sampling-Based Scalable Sparse Subspace Clustering

Shin Matsushima, Maria Brbic
NeurIPS 2019

A Synthesis of Bacterial and Archaeal Phenotypic Trait Data

Joshua S. Madin, Daniel A. Nielsen, Maria Brbic, Ross Corkrey et al.
Scientific Data 2020

Model-Agnostic Graph Regularization for Few-Shot Learning

Ethan Z. Shen, Maria Brbic, Nicolas Monath, Jiaqi Zhai, Manzil Zaheer, Jure Leskovec
NeurIPS Workshop on Meta-Learning 2020

ℓ₀-Motivated Low-Rank Sparse Subspace Clustering

Maria Brbic, Ivica Kopriva
IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 2018

Multi-View Low-Rank Sparse Subspace Clustering

Maria Brbic, Ivica Kopriva
Pattern Recognition 2018

Phenotype Inference from Text and Genomic Data

Maria Brbic, Matija Piskorec, Vedrana Vidulin, Anita Kriško, Tomislav Šmuc, Fran Supek
Joint European Conference on Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML-PKDD) 2017

The Landscape of Microbial Phenotypic Traits and Associated Genes

Maria Brbic, Matija Piskorec, Vedrana Vidulin, Anita Krisko, Tomislav Smuc, Fran Supek
Nucleic Acids Research 2016

Global Shifts in Genome and Proteome Composition Are Very Tightly Coupled

Maria Brbic, Tobias Warnecke, Anita Krisko, Fran Supek
Genome Biology and Evolution 2015